Live Crash Recovery and disc preperation CD/DVD

Don't Panic - just boot this ;-)

The Panic42 is a minimalistic Live CD/DVD to do basic crash recovery and disk preperation on your Linux and Windows Systems.
This LiveCD/DVD is created in 3 versions, one 32 bit and two 64 bit versions. The one 32 bit and the first 64 bit version is created to fit within the 700 mb boundary of a cd, and the last is a fullflegded DVD-sized system with all graphical desktop styles.

The basic functions of all versions is based around disk tools and network support to help you get data off a crashed system, fix problems and/or to get a new system working, preserving you valuable data.
Some of the critical tools on Panic 42 is the dd tool from the ”CoreUtils” package, and NetCat/nc (BSD-vsersion) tool to transport data on and off the System.
The core application to manage your disk(s) partitions is the Gparted package, to resize, move and create partitions.

OpenSuse 12.3 Review by LAS

Review of OpenSuse 12.3 by Linux Action Show (LAS)

Real reviev starts at 31:45


Eacy Installation of OpenSuse 13.1 Milestone 2

Just showing how eacy it is to install OpenSuse.
This is the "factory" version (development) 13.1 Milestone 2, and it's installed on a VirtualBox.
I have uploaded the the full installation video as "Proof of Concept" even not much is really happening after the first few eacy steps ;-)
- all "user activity" is within the first 4 minutes)

Now You go try it out :-)

Download : (stable 12.3 "Release") (Develop/factory 13.1 Milestone 2)

General OpenSuse site

If You don't want to install it side-by-side with your windows fx, the install VirtualBox as I did. VirtualBox is free to download (and use)  from their website :
VirtualBox is owned by Oracle but is somewhat OpenSource and still fully free to download and use :-) (GPL version 2)
(The extension pack has a special licence though, but still free)