Eacy Installation of OpenSuse 13.1 Milestone 2

Just showing how eacy it is to install OpenSuse.
This is the "factory" version (development) 13.1 Milestone 2, and it's installed on a VirtualBox.
I have uploaded the the full installation video as "Proof of Concept" even not much is really happening after the first few eacy steps ;-)
- all "user activity" is within the first 4 minutes)

Now You go try it out :-)

Download :
http://software.opensuse.org/123/en (stable 12.3 "Release")
http://software.opensuse.org/developer/eng (Develop/factory 13.1 Milestone 2)

General OpenSuse site http://www.opensuse.org/

If You don't want to install it side-by-side with your windows fx, the install VirtualBox as I did. VirtualBox is free to download (and use)  from their website :
VirtualBox is owned by Oracle but is somewhat OpenSource and still fully free to download and use :-) (GPL version 2)
(The extension pack has a special licence though, but still free)