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"J" - target macro (creature in interest)
"2" - interact  with Target (shoot)
"3" - Target last hostile
"2" - interact with Target (run to corpse)
"3" - Target last hostile
"2" - Interact with Target (skin corpse)
.. and repeat until sleep ;-)

You need to have the Setting "click to move" set "on" to make you Char to run into attack-range
and to run into loot range.
Macro targets the creature and first "interact" will make your char run into appropriate distance
to attack (shoot or melee), and when it's dead your char loose focus.
Here the "Target last hostile" comes in to get target on dead creature. and "Interact with target"
makes your Char loot it.

IF your Char has skinning and creature is skinnable, repeating "Target last hostile" and "interact
with target" will skin the creature.

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